Peyton Manning

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Peyton Williams Manning is a famous face for American Football. He played in National Football League (NFL) for 18 seasons and won the super bowl two times. Aggressive, tactical, and skillful, Manning is considered one of the best football quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL.

Manning is a revered player of the Indianapolis Colts. He spent 14 seasons playing for the team—where he holds numerous records. Further, he played four seasons in Denver Broncos before announcing his retirement.

Early Life

Manning was born on March 26, 1976. His father Archie Manning also played as NFL quarterback for New Orleans Saints. Peyton got the inspiration to play from his father. Archie used to train him daily on the football field. In an interview, Peyton said that his biggest football idol is his father.

The famous NFL player started his career in college football. He played for various teams for more than four years before joining Indianapolis Colts in 1998.


As mentioned earlier, Peyton played for two different clubs in his entire NFL career. He signed for Indianapolis Colts in 1998 and played until 2011. However, during his last season, he was unable to play as he suffered from serious injuries.

In 2012, Peyton joined Denver Broncos for a record $96 million contracts. At that time, he was NFL’s most valuable player even though he was injured.

On March 7, 2016, Manning announced that he is retiring. He spoke to his fans, saying, “This is the right time, and I believe it is the right decision.”

Peyton Manning Age, Height, Weight

Peyton is 45 years old. He is 6ft 5 inches tall and weighs around 104 kg. While playing as a football quarterback, Manning’s strength was his height.

As a fitness lover, he loves to keep his body fit. In an ESPN interview, Manning said that he regularly talks with his dietician and follows a strict diet plan.

Peyton Manning Wiki

We can find sufficient information about this former NFL player on Wikipedia. In addition, there is a detailed outline of his accolades, awards, league records, and many more.

Furthermore, through the wiki references, we can explore his biography. Unfortunately, the Wikipedia page lacks to show information regarding his full NFL statistics. So, it’s better to follow NFL’s official page for the stats.

Manning’s Net Worth

Peyton was one of the highest-paid NFL players of his time. He received $18 million per season as the salary. In addition, he was endorsed by famous brands such as ESPN, Spring DirecTV, Reebok, etc.

Currently, he earns $10 million yearly from the endorsements. It is estimated that Peyton Manning has a net worth of $250 million.

Not only he earns a lot but also spends his earning in philanthropy. Peyton is involved in various charity works. However, he hasn’t exposed himself. Probably, he loves to work silently.