Jeff Bezos

a picture of Jeff Bezos

With 194.9 billion, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s second richest man, according to Forbes.  (At the top of the list is Bernard Darnalt & Family from France). When the article is published it could also be true that Elon Musk would top the list. What’s the secret to Jeff Bezos’ success? This is a question that everyone wants to know. Given the interest of the people and the media, he himself has tried to answer this question many times.

The Secret Is Avoiding MultiTasking

“The secret to my success is to avoid multitasking and focus on something until it’s done,” he says. He says he doesn’t like to do many things at once. If they read emails, they do nothing else. “Similarly, if I am eating at home, I will focus on it with all my attention and energy and not on anything else,” he says.

Modern Science About Multi Tasking

In fact, even modern science believes that multitasking is very harmful to human capabilities. And only two percent of people can do that. Otherwise, most people will not be able to accomplish any one thing at a time. According to Jeff Bezos, everyone has two paths in life.  One is easy and comfortable while the other is full of difficulty and adventure.  And he chose difficulty over ease.

Self Confidence

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said.  That if you are going to create something then you have to be prepared for the fact that no one will understand you. The world often misunderstands people with creative abilities. Because in the world every person does not have the highest level of creativity and the world cannot reach his thinking. Such people feel misfit. Enjoy your work without caring about people

According to him, he thought of putting himself at the age of 80 to move forward in life. And thanks to this mental exercise, he was able to make decisions that he no longer regrets or will at least low regret in the future. We need also to do such mental exercise for having sure success in life.

Every Billionaire Has its Own Success Strategy

Little do people know that Jeff Bezos began his career with a modest job. After which he went to Texas and borrowed a car from his father. After that he went to Seattle and founded in a garage. That’s what happened to the founder of Amazon. However, there are many other billionaires in the world, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Warren Buffett, who have achieved significant success in life under their own strategies.  And made a lot of money.  All of these people were born with a simple life like ours and yours. An international survey has revealed some of the secrets behind the success of billionaires, which to some extent, some less and some more, are certain. And avoiding multi tasking, self confidence and others are included in it.